Choosing Pole Dancing Shoes Sub Rosa Lingerie

Choosing Pole Dancing Shoes

If you have never purchased a pair of pole dancing shoes before or you are looking for some tips on how to ensure you buy the right shoe for you then you have come to the right place. Below are some useful tips and things to consider when purchasing.

Pole Dancing footwear can help you elongate your legs, increase your height and make your butt look extra pert. There are literally 1000’s of styles to choose from (See our full range here) ranging from a 4in heel all the way up to a 10in heel. They have now become a staple for professionals and bedroom amateurs alike 🙂

Pole dancing shoes are high-heeled footwear often made from a transparent material. They sometimes contain novelties such as flashing lights, coloured liquid or even fake fish. Materials used to create the heel design include polycarbonate, PVC, lucite and acrylic resin. The transparency may be used deceptively with a ballerina style to give the appearance of standing on tiptoe or en pointeA more romantic style resembling Cinderella’s glass slipper has been designed for social events such as the prom but generally designs are more provocative with very high heels.

Choosing your height and style

The majority of our heels are between 6 and 8 inches and often come with a platform to make them easier to walk in and to really elongate your legs. Professionals often wear a heel with a platform as they can be used for ‘clacking’ and they can be more comfortable to wear than shoes without a platform.

The number one consideration when choosing your shoe, especially if you will be using them to dance or workout in is choosing a shoe that fits comfortably. We recommend shoes with an ankle strap initially as this reduces the risk of the heels coming off when performing on a pole and also are very comfortable. We have also been informed by our customers that when being used for a lot of floor and pole work that shoes without buckles and spikes reduce the risk of injury and damage to the pole. Please see our range of pole dancing footwear with ankle straps here.

Walking with your high heels

Many people worry when buying their pole dancing shoes that it will be difficult to walk in them due to the heel and platform height. There is no need to worry as walking in them is far easier than it looks. The height that you should consider is the difference between the heel height and the platform height. So for example if the heel height is 7in and the platform height is 3in the difference is 4 in. This is the same as the average heel height of normal flat soled high heeled shoes and therefore should be no more difficult to walk in. Pole dancing shoes often have thicker heels and footprints than regular heels and so are much more stable. To ensure maximum comfort whilst wearing your shoes all Pleasers are made with a thick foam and rubber insole with rounded edges.

We recommend when Choosing Pole Dancing Shoes for the first time that you try a 6in heel with a platform and ankle strap to ensure maximum comfort.

See our full range of pole dancing shoes here

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