6 Reasons Men Like Women Wearing Heels In The Bedroom

6 Reasons Men Like Women Wearing Heels In The Bedroom

Below are some very good reasons why you should put on some sexy heels in the bedroom.

1) Fantasy

High heels add a bit of sexy to any outfit, the higher the better 🙂 Heels are often a fantasy item for men in the bedroom and also feature heavily in the videos they watch. Tap into this for a little extra spice in the bedroom and reap the rewards.

2) Body Shape

High heels elongate your legs and make your bum look pert. This gives a sexy silhouette that will make you feel sexy and confident and will most certainly turn on your partner.

3) Stockings and Heels

Combine your high heels with a sexy pair of stockings or pantyhose for a killer sexy look. Again this features heavily in erotic videos and will definitely let your man know that you are up for some sexy time.

4) Confidence

Making yourself taller and sexier in the bedroom will make your confidence sky rocket and no doubt lead to some naughty sex. Confidence is often cited by men as the most sexy attribute of a woman.

5) Be a Little Bit Slutty

The feeling of wearing heels in the bedroom will make you feel naughty. Such a simple outfit choice can have a dramatic effect on the way you feel about yourself and the way your man looks at you.

6) Some is More

Wearing outfits and heels in the bedroom is a simple way to mix things up. Variety is a sure fire way to keep your sex life healthy and interesting. Why not buy yourself some lingerie and heels that are only for bedroom use……


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