How to keep your Pleaser heels box fresh

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Regular use of your Pleaser’s can lead to some common issues/problems. This article will give you hints and tips to clean and fix heels compiled from customer comments and advice from professionals.

Issue: Dirty Insoles

Sometimes the insoles of your Pleaser heels can get slightly dirty especially if they are light coloured. This is essentially unavoidable but can be reduced if you wear socks with your heels when not performing.

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The best way we have found to clean the insoles of your shoes is to wipe them with a wet wipe and allow them to dry naturally.

Issue: Broken Ankle Straps

After repeated strenuous use especially when used for pole dancing the ankle straps on you Pleaser heels can become loose or break.

Ankle Strap Fix Heels


The best and easiest way to fix this issue is to purchase the spare straps that are available for sale. Another method that some customers have reported working well is that if the straps becoming loose they heat the straps gently with a hair dryer when on their feet which can remold the plastic to their feet. This method is also sometimes used by professionals when they first purchase their heels or boots to mold the entire shoe to their feet to increase comfort. Please note that the plastic can get hot so be careful.

Issue: Torn Material

Due to the nature of the stiletto heel on a lot of Pleaser heels and boots it is easy to tear the material on the upper part of the shoe.


To reattach a flap created by tearing your upper material the best method is to use a super glue to stick the flap back down. To cover up scratches dependent on the colour a nail polish can be used to paint over the scratch.

Issue: Sole Coming Away

If you do a lot of floor work in your heels then the sole at the tip of your heel or boot could come loose.


Before you use your heels you can trim the front of the sole which will stop it catching on the floor and peeling away. If the problem has already occurred then any brand of superglue can be used to re-attach the sole to the base of the shoe.

Issue: Dirty Upper Material

The patent material on some heels or boots can become dirty or smudged with fingerprints.


We recommend that you use patent glow to give your heels the best clean. Some customers and professionals also recommend using warm water to wipe away any smudges and then dry the shoe with a microfiber cloth.

Issue: Scuffing or Rubbing the Finish

If you do a lot of floor work and practice in your heels a lot then the finish off your shoes can wear off or scuff.


The best way we have found to prevent this issue occurring is to cover the platform and the sole of your shoe when practicing with a sock or some material that still allows you to slide on the floor. Whilst this will not prevent the issue when performing or wearing in the bedroom it does increase the life of your heels.

Please feel free to comment with any hints or tips on how to fix heels and we can add them into this post and future posts to help out other customers and professionals.

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