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Why is Demonia the best choice?

Demonia Packaging & Box

Your Demonia shoes are delivered in the signature gothic box wrapped in fabric bags.  A Demonia branded dust and carry bag is also included to keep your shoes in the best condition.

Demonia Box


To ensure maximum comfort whilst wearing your shoes all Demonia’s and boots are made with a thick foam and rubber insole with rounded edges.

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For decades YKK zippers have been established as the go to zipper for all quality shoe and clothes manufacturers. All Demonia shoes use a YKK zipper for long term reliability.

Pleaser Zippers


Demonia products are made from the finest materials that prevent scratching and keep the shoe as lightweight as possible.

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Best Selling Demonia Shoes and Boots

Demonia Brand

Alternative, defiant, and nonconforming enthusiasts need look no further than DEMONIA for the most cutting-edge, beyond-the-ordinary line of footwear. Its original meaning and connotation of demonic diva is by no means gender exclusive. DEMONIA’s no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners attitude is equally desirable to both female and male fans of the alternative underground culture. This vast collection of edgy footwear for both sexes caters to a wide variety of subcultures, and is offered in a variety of styles – from sandals, sneakers, and Mary Janes to creepers, Goth, and platform boots. DEMONIA not only reflects the alternative lifestyle, it defines it.

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