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Why is Bordello the best choice?

Bordello Packaging & Box

Your Bordello shoes are delivered in the signature butterfly box wrapped in fabric bags.  A Bordello branded dust and carry bag is also included to keep your shoes in the best condition.

Bordello Box


To ensure maximum comfort whilst wearing your shoes all Bordellos are made with a thick foam and rubber insole with rounded edges.

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For decades YKK zippers have been established as the go to zipper for all quality shoe and clothes manufacturers. All Bordello shoes use a YKK zipper for long term reliability.

Fabulicious Zipper


Bordello products are made from the finest materials that prevent scratching and keep the shoe as lightweight as possible.

Bordello Materials

Best Selling Bordello Shoes and Boots

Bordello Brand

Intrigue. Desire. Passion. With its splashy, over-the-top designs, BORDELLO is a seductively exciting and titillating brand of footwear that celebrates being a woman. Created especially for burlesque performers who have shimmied the art of tease back into the spotlight, BORDELLO also wets the appetites of those longing to replicate or simply be reminded of old time glamour and lavishness. With its ornate detailing and dazzling accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones, and luscious laces, BORDELLO shoes and boots are the perfect complement to the wildly extravagant colorful costumes, theatrical themes, and dramatic lighting that define all burlesque performances globally.

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