7 things to know before using anal beads for the first time

7 things to know before using anal beads for the first time

With these babies, timing is everything.

Paisley Gilmour – Cosmopolitan – 31/10/2017

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of obsessed with anal beads. I don’t know why they have somewhat of a… weird rep, but they are so much fun to play with. Whether you’re interested in anal play and want to start small, or thinking about trying anal sex for the first time but want to get there slowly, anal beads can be a great way to experiment.

Most start off with a tiny bead and they get bigger with the more length you take in. This is great for beginners as it means your body adjusts to the size slowly. They’re not remotely as intimidating as they may look and are really easy to pop in.

 Although guys tend to like anal beads because they can help stimulate the prostate (a handy – lol – guide on how to do that right here), women can also enjoy the sensation they create as the anus has loads of nerve endings. And while yes, the anus can stretch, it is a delicate thing of which you must always take great care.

Here, sex expert Annabelle Knight, who has her own range of sex toys with Lovehoney, explains how to use anal beads safely.

1. Lube up

“Before you begin, lubricate the anal beads and your bottom with a toy-friendly anal lubricant and position yourself comfortably,” Annabelle says. Bear in mind that a lot of anal beads are made from silicone, and shouldn’t be used with silicone-based lubes. Go for a water-based lube instead.

2. Getting going

Annabelle says you should always start by gently pushing the first bead inside you, “Get used to the sensation of gentle anal penetration. When you feel ready, insert more, using one hand to push the beads in and the other hand to keep your anus spread,” she adds.

3. Find your ‘hot zone’

Beginners should always start with a set of really flexible anal beads. “The extra flexibility will allow you to stimulate various areas inside you until you find your hot zone. You can keep them in during intercourse or other sex sexual play,” she says.

4. For the more adventurous

If you’ve dabbled in anal play before and want to go for something a little different, vibrating anal beads could be a good shout. Annabelle says, “Vibrating anal beads give you an added thrill. Many people find that the vibrations create a pleasurable effect similar to analingus or rimming.”

5. Timing is everything

Timing is super important Annabelle explains, “send your lover into a tailspin by s-l-o-w-l-y pulling the beads out during orgasm (they’ll have to let you know when blast-off is, so you can start pulling).”

6. Play safe

Always make sure the anal beads you use have a ring/handle on the end to prevent them slipping fully inside you. “The anus acts somewhat like a vacuum, so you need something to anchor your toy in place to prevent it getting sucked up,” Annabelle says.

7. Keep it clean

“If you’re worried about hygiene, you can start by rinsing out the anus before play with a gentle anal douche – but be careful, as over-douching can irritate the lining of the rectum and remove the good bacteria that we need for healthy, happy bums,” Annabelle says. “Playing with anal toys is a lot of fun but it is important to give the products an MOT so they are in perfect nick for next time. After use, spray your beads with some sex toy cleaner and then rub with a damp cloth or tissue, concentrating on any textured areas. Clean the beads under a warm tap and then spray on some more cleaner and wipe again before drying.”

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